It may surprise you to know that both online and land based casinos don’t make any profit at all from roughly a quarter of all of their paying customers. What with the vast amounts of free gifts, hotel suites, meals and tokens they give away on a regular basis to major clients, and the number of big winners that come through their doors and scoop up huge profits. A prime example is when Swedish guy Lars won 1.7 million Euros over on Vera and John recently. That's a lot of dosh for casinos to pay out! There are also the inevitable costs of running a casino, which have to be spread out over all of the customers, including staff costs, electricity bills (all of those lights don’t power themselves) and land taxes, to name but a few. However, before you start to feel sorry for the casinos, the money they do make from the other 75% of their customers more than makes up for these losses, which pale in comparison to the losses some people make in their attempts to win a small fortune.