The aim of most people’s casino visits is to win; not necessarily millions, but at least make a profit, and not a loss, on an individual visit. Casinos, however, don’t share that exact same opinion, and would rather you didn’t, as a matter of fact. Every time you win, you make a small dent in the casino’s profits, and although generally your subsequent losses will even out the score and allow them to regain financial equilibrium, they’re not best pleased when you win big. In actual fact, a casino is completely within its rights to send you packing if they consider you to be winning too often, or even refuse entry if they think you’re ‘too lucky’. Casinos will be especially sensitive if they think you’re using one of many legal but questionable methods to secure a win, such as card counting or ace tracking. It’s also possible for a casino to ban you from certain games only, if they suspect you of using one of these methods at the table. Though specific rules may vary from one casino to another, generally the casino has the power to decide and not you, the paying customer.

On the Flip Side

It would be unfair to say that casinos don’t ever want you to win. Of course, they’d prefer you not to win all the time, but they’re aware that a happy customer makes for a faithful customer, and one who speaks highly of the establishment which has allowed them to win good money. Casinos need enough of these success stories to keep appealing to a new public and keep their marketing profile high. The key is to win with dignity and with grace, and not to turn on the casino, or take your winnings and run off to spend them elsewhere, never to come back again! Fortunately, most people who win are then geared up enough to try their luck again, and attempt to increase their money even more by making further successive bets.