Though casinos don’t want you to come to them with cheques, when you leave with your winnings, they have no problem in giving you a cheque instead of cash. It’s not ideal to leave Vegas, Macau, or your local gambling establishment with wedges of cash on you, as you may feel like an easy target and many feel more than a little uncomfortable. Sadly, it’s also not always easy to find a branch of your home bank to cash your money in, so a cheque to the amount that you won in the casino is the ideal way to take your winnings home and cash them in as soon as you’re back home. Be sure to request this as soon as you land your win, so that the casino knows your intention and can prepare accordingly. They will automatically try and pay you in cash, and it’s up to you to request these special circumstances. It may also be possible to request a combination of cash and cheque, with half in each monetary form, for example. This may also be reassuring, as you get to hold some of your physical winnings in your hand as opposed to simply an abstract piece of scribbled-on paper!