If you feel that there’s been any misbehaviour or wrongdoings on the part of the casino, then you can also try and take action against the establishment itself. The first thing to do is address management (if it’s a small issue), especially if it’s something related purely to management, customer service or cleanliness. However, if there’s a more serious misgiving and you suspect that the casino is cheating you out of a win or deliberately misleading you, then refer to Gaming Control or a regulatory agency with jurisdiction over the casino and which will take your complaint seriously, as an independent body. However, only resort to this if there really is a serious issue, as you don’t want to turn a casino against you over a petty issue that cold have been resolved with those responsible directly. Gaming Control boards usually exercise power over a clearly defined territory such as a state or a country, and are the ones responsible for granting or revoking licences to gambling establishments. If the complaint reaches the top then a casino might even risk losing their licence. Gaming Control boards have the possibility of presiding over certain civil cases, and so might even be able to judge your case if it reaches that point.